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Restart – A Business Embassy for diaspora and foreign investors

Restart operates as a business embassy for diaspora and other foreign companies by facilitating their investments in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Restart’s mission is to foster new investments and new jobs in BiH by serving as a trusted broker, bringing together capital, know-how and companies from BiH and its diaspora.

Over the next five years, Restart will provide support to USAID’s Diaspora Invest through the implementation of various components of this project, with an emphasis on designing and implementing technical services related to establishing a diaspora online business network and conducting diaspora outreach, networking and business-to-business activities.

Restart offers fully prepared “turnkey solutions”, including project concierge services for new investment setups with full legal and administrative transparency.

USAID’s Diaspora Invest Activity

In 2017, Restart signed a five-year service subcontract as part of USAID’s Harnessing BiH Diaspora for Economic Development Activity – “Diaspora Invest.”
This project will create new job opportunities across a range of sectors through increased diaspora investment, with an emphasis on providing capital to viable, but underfunded, small- and medium-size firms and startups.

The project has three key components:

  1. leveraging diaspora input into the development of an institutional policy framework for diaspora investment;
  2. expanding diaspora direct investment by providing technical assistance and grants to eligible, early-stage SMEs and startups; and
  3. developing a sustainable local platform to provide business services and investment facilitation to diaspora
Diaspora Invest

Why Us?

  • All the Restart founders come from strong and successful leadership positions of the top companies in the country
  • Some of the Restart founders lead successful companies with a track record in the sector of Online Marketing for international markets
  • Founders of Restart have entrepreneurship background and have personally faced all the obstacles of running the business in the country and found ways not only to overcome them but to thrive
  • BAFA membership reads like “Who is Who” of Bosnia. It has a very powerful and prestigious member base, which allows you to connect to the right people quickly
  • We have very large database and strong ties to various diaspora organizations as well as influential individuals around the globe

Restart is your trusted partner

Enterpreneurship Background
Powerful and Prestigious Member Base
Hard Work

How We Do It?

Restart offers fully prepared “turnkey solutions”, including project concierge services for new investment setups with full legal and administrative transparency.
Legal & Administrative Services

Restart offers complete administrative and paperwork consulting services to help you establish a new company. For investors or individuals who
have a hard time navigating through Bosnia and Herzegovina’s legal framework and complex administrative processes, Restart offers a “turn-key” solution, including:

  • Handling various administrative procedures required for company registration in the municipal court
  • Finding a suitable office space and handling related lease paperwork
  • Providing experienced accountants and legal experts
Human Resources Recruitment

Restart provides HR consulting to help you find the best people for your business, including highly skilled legal and accounting professionals, freelancers and vendors in the areas that your company needs.

We can conduct the whole recruitment process for you or can help you implement HR solutions on your own.
Connecting Projects with Investors

As a business embassy for the diaspora and foreign investors, we handle business requests and facilitate investments by connecting reliable projects with potential investors via diaspora networks and their contacts around the world. Restart’s Management Board members are entrepreneurs and managers, a combination of individuals who have lived in or currently live in BiH or abroad, and thus deeply understand the obstacles − but also the opportunities − of running businesses in BiH.

Few people who live abroad have had the opportunity to hear of business investor success stories in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Besides providing counseling and legal support to interested investors, Restart’s main mission is to restore the confidence of BiH’s diaspora and bring new investment to the country, thus demonstrating the possibilities of establishing a successful business able to flourish in this market and beyond.
Restart promotes these success stories and aims to connect the BiH market with the top-10 countries within which diaspora populations reside through networking and knowledge-sharing events.

Startups need a well-thought-out business plan to succeed, and businesses need steady growth and strong teams to flourish. Staff education and
innovation lead to progress. The market grows and changes so fast that it is necessary to constantly learn and thrive in your field.
We organize educational events, conferences, courses and skill-based training within different sectors, as needed, to help you either build your business plan or strengthen your team and grow your business.

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